Monday, June 15, 2015

new beginning

 Hi beautiful earth creatures!

My name is Taru and I've been blogging for most of my adult life. Like in any aspect of life, you have to sometimes put things on pause for a moment and ask thyself: is this who I am, still? Which road should I travel moving forward? Is this what I signed up for or has my personal development and the experiences within taken me to a new path which I have yet to discover?

Those are just a slew of thoughts that's been passing though my consciousness as of late and this new blank blog is sort of an expression of the new life I am leading. The new road that I have just entered and which is still brand new, and pretty exciting to me..

I feel like I've lived many lives in this body already and it's almost exhausting thinking back, phew... how did all that happen, where did I ever find all that energy? :D But I have faith in the universe to lead me through all those passages as I believe they/I will bring me to who I am supposed to be. It will move me towards the mission I am here on this earth to accomplish. Because that is my faith, that we are all here for a purpose. Not just to get our 15 minutes of fame on social media, waste half of our lives watching animal videos on Facebook, work hard and then die or acquire the most impressive wardrobe. There is a true purpose for each one of us if we care to dig deeper and it has always been my mission in life to find out just what it is that is true for me. More for each day, I feel I'm getting closer... step by step the dots connect.

Let's just say that more than a trust in the universe, LOVE is what has always brought me places and this blog is essentially an extension of that inner power that I feel. I am of the belief that in this messed up world, we should all do our very best in spreading light and I therefore feel it is my duty to share the love I feel, with you. However ostentatious that might sound haha! No but seriously. Let's focus on the good rather than the bad. Let's talk about things that really matters. Things that moves us in the right direction. Play fair and be respectful to all and everything around you. We're all in this boat together. We are one, after all. If you look closer, take time to listen, you'll see there's a piece of you in everyone you'll ever meet.

Without getting too much into detail (I do tend to ramble when I am given the opportunity), these are some of the subjects that I feel a deeper connection with and which probably will form the foundation of this blog:

- Food and nutrition. For the past year, I've been slowly but steadily working on creating my own personalized organic holistic plant based food business and I am in the process of opening my first restaurant/café in downtown Miami, FL. I am simultaneously studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition with world renowned doctors, teachers and spiritual gurus such as Mehmet Oz, Deepak Chopra, Mark Hyman, Joshua Rosenthal, Andrew Weil and more. A school that will eventually get me authority to work as a registered health coach in America and Internationally, with the opportunity to pursue a bachelor's/master's degree in nutrition. I invest in this school mainly for my personal interests sake, to expand my awareness, but the knowledge will naturally help me in running an organic food business successfully as well.

- Health and exercise. Yoga, meditation, keeping up the body's shape and mind's peace through exercise and practice. Although I'm not a trainings freak (unfortunately), I do enjoy it when I get down with it. A combination of cardio at the gym, yoga classes and yoga at home and healthy swims in the ocean are what feels good to me right now. Daily meditation and quiet alone time for reflection is key to a calm, balanced mind in my world. Always looking to reach further and expand my meditation practice. It's hard work but rewarding on so many levels.

- Music and the way it makes me feel. As in many life aspects, my taste is wide, open minded and curious so you'll find me posting good old classics and new talents from almost any given genre.

- Mental health and self development. Ever since I was born I've had this enormous urge to find out more about the internal as well as the external world that we live in and the older I grow the more sense things make. Especially now that it is so much easier to cut through the nonsense and the various distractions/obstacles that sometimes come at us in life. Besides that inner calling and yearning for truth, travel and exploration has been helpful and I've also had the fortune to run into some pretty inspiring people (not to mention books) that have helped contribute to an even greater lust for getting to the bottom of things and living a life better connected to true self. I say the digging and refining is never ending, and that's part of what makes this life adventure so exciting and challenging, to me.

- Spirituality, metaphysics and exploration of the human consciousness. I've always believed in something, not a God in the way religious people has it although I believe there is something beautiful and important to be found in all the popular scripts and belief systems. Although skepticism is a great part of my personality, I do know there must've been some extraordinary powers that have created this beautiful, mesmerizing, fucked up, exhilarating and sometimes tragic world. Maybe a big-bang (whatever that actually implies), or maybe we live in a state of dreaming and it is all coherently created and visualized by our individual minds. I do know for a fact that all what we dream and fully believe in, we can get. So I'd say we're more part of the actual creation process than what seems ordinarily thought of as logic. Whatever that something is (calling it "the universe" as I often like to do is obviously very simplified), I am curious and intrigued and use various tools to dig deeper into these questions.

I've blogged for so many years now, both leisurely and professionally, treated it as an intense sport and also had months away from it, that I know what good and bad that comes with writing your thoughts out online. Realizing how much of a need I have to write and express myself in the written word, while also knowing how busy life is and how I try to keep away from anything that is too demanding, this blog will solely be treated as my diary whenever urge hits me. In other words, whenever I feel for it, I'll be in touch. No strings attached, no demands, no pressure on either side :)

Feel free to comment anytime you want tho, I love a good conversation.


  1. I am so glad you are back blogging!! I followed you since your sail adventures and you are really a true inspiration. I love all the things you share so I look forward to follow your new journey ;) Wishing you all the good.

    XOXO, Patricia.

  2. Congratulations on your new blog! The topics you will write about are very interesting to me too, and close to my heart :-)

  3. Hey! Just a heads up, you can transfer all your followers on to your new blog -just have to follow their instructions here: Cheers!

  4. Great to see you back girls xo

    Thanks for the link anonymous.

  5. Taru,
    I have been following world tour stories also. I see that you have swallowed the anchor here in south Florida just like I did 18 years ago.
    Lucky that we have some of the worlds best cruising grounds nearby in the Keys and the Bahamas. I look forward to meeting you when you open your restaurant. Let your fans know when that happens. We can tell sea stories over good food

  6. Look forward to seeing you then Doc.

  7. I wish you luck with all the new things in your life! Will be interesting to follow your blog.


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