Sunday, August 2, 2015

Start your morning right

Having moved out of the boat and into an apartment which boasts with endless kitchen space (at least so it feels in comparison), and a wicked morning and afternoon light in style of any photographers dream, the desire to get creative with food has finally returned. Living on a boat is the best way to travel imo. When travel and adventure is your life's priority. But for leading a life on land with no intention to go anywhere at the moment, one tend to begin to miss the conveniences and comforts of a land based home. 

I see on my Instagram and on Facebook that many of you have been curious about our situation, as opposed to the sailing travels that Alex and I lived for a few years. And it isn't really any more exciting than that we both have come to the realization, as a result of living a nomadic life for so long, that it's a good time to get back to creating a good foundation for the future. America has given us two valuable opportunities. Alex's mastering career is picking up well, so he works where most of his work is right now in the North East of the country. While my business is down here in Florida. It's not easy to make the decision to live away from each other after having been so close for such a long time (we moved onto the boat almost six years ago). But at the same time, we see it as an opportunity for both to fully be able to focus on our respective career growth, and also to get a needed break from the intense lifestyle on the boat that we've lead. Money/income is important, but even more so personal creative achievement in ways that also contribute something of value to others. At least for us. Who knows how our work and living situation's look in the end of the year or the following. But for now we've found the ways that suit both best, despite the challenges that it might mean.

Relationships and life choices aside, what I wanted to talk about was this colourful breakfast bowl. Oatmeal boiled in hemp milk and a few tablespoons of apple sauce. Stirred at all times during cooking to create a creamy consistency. Then topped with a variety of fruits: this time kiwi, mango, red-fleshed pitaya and shredded coconut. On top of it all I sprinkled some nutritional hemp-seeds. Excellent source of energy for an active day ahead. It's a good thing Miami is cloudy and rainy at the moment, and has so been for the past five days or so, as one won't get tempted to walk down to the beach and rather keep eyes focused on the screen and continue to tick off one task after another. My place is opening in three months so there's really no time to waste..

Happy Sunday everyone!


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