Monday, October 19, 2015

(Not the best interviewer but) Teal Swan always manages to shine bright light on the understanding of things with her unparalleled knowledge of the higher dimensions that exist beyond this flat 3D world. The third dimension that most of us live in and are not able to see themselves beyond. No judging, it's just a natural habit that comes out of following rules of society and the subtle and not so subtle manipulation we've been exposed to since we were born. From our parents that didn't know better, from schools that had been shaped for all to follow a similar path while suppressing individuality, our work space and society that want us to be a good citizen, meaning: work hard, get in debt, pay taxes, serve the nation, buy things you don't need and then die rich with material but not so much with spiritual awareness and divine love within our hearts. And then of course we have the media and governments that are owned and run by people who want us to hate what they hate and spend money on what they own. The constant oppression of an individuals values.

But no need to stress too much about the negativity of how the outer world functions. We are in increasingly rapid tempo moving towards higher global vibrations. I love what Teal is saying about the collective desire for a new earth, a human rise that has happened many times in history, and which we are experiencing right now. We might not be here to see an unfathomably drastic change, but I can definitely feel it's happening, can you?

The thing we call life, or our physical body's experience of it, inevitably gets easier to navigate when we detach our selves from our thinking self, and understand we are as much part of the infinite source as the "thing" we call God. We literally are the gods, or better yet, the creators in our own lives, and we can take a streamlined approach to all of our dreams once we learn to trust the ability to get more creative. Instead of creating all the resistance and complications to get to where we want, which is what most of us do on a daily basis without knowing that everything could be so much easier. And even when you have become aware of these things, you are still occasionally struggling to live up to your new higher knowledge. I guess that is what makes us human and not yet super human.

Psychedelic drugs and sacred plant medicine lets you get a deeper and more profound glimpse into this greater collective awareness and the other dimensions/parallel universes, it's a quick and effective short cut of sorts that has gained increased popularity in the mainstream lately. That is if you use the psychedelics in a more mature, respectful and psychological way than just to get high, which is what you might have done as young.

Meditation, other spiritual study and practice (or wean yourself off the materialistic worlds pressure and get better connected with nature by sailing the world for a longer period of time!) are some more gentle approaches that require more time and discipline, but they all come to the same conclusions: we are much greater than what society has taught us. With the right tools and with the right mindset, we can create peace, non monetary richness and infinite love in the life of ourselves, other beings and the world around us. Of course you first need to have the desire to experience a change and enter a new frequency, as well as an interest in the subject to begin with. For me personally there's pretty much nothing as interesting as advancing and expanding my personal awareness and becoming less and less dependent on the world in which I was born and from which I'm slowly removing a layer after another. So much to shed and unlearn, so much light and love to create, attract and share.

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