Sunday, November 8, 2015

Lowkey, this British/Iraqi guy is one of the best MC's on the planet, period. Not only for his lyrical flow (as best heard on video #2, most fluid part starting at 2:00), but also for the political message and for the love and pain he puts out there to make a difference and educate people. Same level. This is what hip hop originally was about. Unselfishly rhyming about social injustice. Akala aka Kingslee James Daley is Scottish/Jamaican born in London and the brother of the talanted Ms Dynamite who also btw always had good meaning and depth in her lyrics.
A little less political but superb quality grime nonetheless. This guy only 22. Please keep keeping it underground dude. This Stormzy tune was btw the first ever freestyle to reach the top 40 in the United Kingdom. From an unsigned artists to that. (Got to love the way 'ey say wa'er!)
Old school grime. Sweet... Raf Riley's production keeps getting tighter and Etta Bond's always on top.

When you wake up at 6.30 am and head right onto soundcloud//youtube in search for British quality grime and hip hop. Probably a subconscious effect of being forced to hear commercial American "hip hop" on the daily from the swoop cars that drive by my flat that has walls thin as paper. The modern take on hip hop that is played in bars, shops, clubs, taxi's, pretty much everywhere you go. Hip hop, the genre which has diverted from something socially important, to today's glorification of conspicuous consumption, gun violence and downgrading/ridiculous language. Innocent young kids are being brought up attaching self worth to money, luxury cars, gold chains, alcohol, sex and cheap looking fashion clothes. The phenomenon paints a pretty good picture of the society in which I currently live (Florida probably more than other states). UK, on the other hand, is where the spirit of original hip-hop still lives on in much greater proportion. Their love for the art and love for authenticity is mad contagious.

So funny same people (human beings) can be so different, behave so different, have so different morals, values and standards, just because of the land and culture in which they were born and raised. America has really done a good job in shaping its citizens to its benefit. Not saying there are no commercial sell-outs in great Britain because there is everywhere. As much as there still are a few talented rappers and artists that refuse to collaborate with corrupt misogynist record labels also in America. But the general spirit is different and the alternative is what's missing as an easily available option in society here in the US. So people keep buying/downloading what's handily available without a second thought and artists record whatever shit the labels ask them to for the gain of money and fame, and all that obviously breed the stupefying of society additionally. Values are gone. Many more British rappers on the other side of the pond seem to be fine doing their own bloody thing and that's respectable. Authenticity and passion are beautiful things. As is being humble.

If only the educational system/society (= government/big corporations) could take their responsibility and teach that out to kids on this side of the ocean as well. But of course, things aren't profitable that way. How easy it would've been to execute positive changes in a society if the people in power were genuinely interested in the health and happiness of the population. As easy as it would be to give every human being on the planet fresh drinking water and free electricity. But that's a conversation for a whole separate blog post.


  1. Followed you since we met in Stockholm 8 years or so ago, I thought so then and it's even more clear now, what an extraordinary woman you are. Wise beyond your years!
    All the best, a friend.

  2. Taru,
    I am a long time follower of your blog. I know nothing about hip hop culture.
    I can assure you that here in south Florida we have lots of spiritual people living a simple life and helping others
    I am a 55 year old pediatric Anesthesiologist. I spend my work life in the operating room helping deformed children and fighting blindness and cancer in adults,
    In my free time I am with my wife and kids sailing and windsurfing.
    (We have had very strong winds and big waves this year)
    My wife and kids volunteer at the local church. There are a lot of people being helped by this church
    The kids are getting an excellent education at the local A rated public school in the entrepreneur program.
    Other doctors at my hospital go on medical missionary trips on their vacation time. There are educated, well off Americans who care about values and give back for their good fortune in life.
    We are thinking about heading out on another voyage and home schooling the kids.
    So please do not give up entirely on the U.S.
    I only hear pop music when I am in the car with my 8 year old daughter.
    In the o.r. we listen to soft rock

  3. Hi Doc, I totally know there are some wonderful warm intelligent people in America, some of which I am fortunate to call my friends. I am just talking about the general feel of a society. America is indeed very different, in general. But nice people are nice people wherever they might be born and raised. I never intend hurting anyone with my posts, rather, I aim to shine light on issues that aren't always so obvious from ones own limited perspective. Thanks for reading and for not taking my posts personally :D


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