Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I have been waiting for this high to dissipate. Feels as if I'm constantly jacked up on a mixture of speed and mdma. Full of energy. Drenched in gratitude. Love pouring through in everything I do. Almost thought I was going crazy. Was I really that depressed and unhappy to feel this way suddenly? But it's been three weeks now and my love for life and this new... life... is still growing. It may sound bananas, but I wake up at 6 or 7 am with a smile on my face almost each morning. Looking out at sea, or the majestic mountain behind the house and my blood and heart is being filled with such powerful earth energy that I think I might die and it is ok, as I have experienced IT. Total bliss. Extreme appreciation. Indescribable love. A long lasting natural high in its truest form. If there's any parameter for happiness, I feel my termometer is boiling and about to explode. 

Been thinking much about self love lately on all my meditative drives and walks I've made in this breathtaking nature through mountains and valleys (seriously, it hurts the eye and makes you want to cry, that beautiful it is. pics coming..) Ultimately, being alone, particularly in such an otherworldly calm and rejuvenating environment, allows you to tap into that genuine love and care for the self so beautifully. By realizing if this nature is so magical in all its ways from the sunrise to dawn, then so are all we who came from it. We all are a part of this brilliance, we must never forget that! 

We are all beautiful and mesmerizing and gorgeous in our own ways. We need to appreciate it. Express it in all the ways our bodies and souls yearns for. We mustn't forget to show love, appreciation and thankfulness to where we came from. Nature and the divine source energy that we all consist of, like stars in the universe or luminescent plankton in the ocean. We are all part of the whole, connected in spirit. We are no products of a square society, we are no machines that has to be materially successful. We are not someone who have to fit in or look a certain way to be of value. Please don't ever buy into that. We are just who we are. With our blood and skin and flesh and bones and flaws and perfect imperfections. We are soulful beings full of energy, living in a magical beautiful world that can teach us more about ourselves than we knew there was to us. 

Your dreams and that which your heart desire is what is you. Don't close it up. Let it out. Let it fly. Fulfill the essence of you and the mother source will reward you for being authentic. It took me some time to find my way back to the purity of nature and my existence within it. But I will spend the rest of my days expressing my gratitude to her in all the ways I am able. Because she is me, as she is you. We are nothing without her...


  1. You are both a blessing and teacher for all the simple things in life: calmness, gratitude, being simple, enjoying life a it is, not as society wants it to be...
    Thank you so much.

  2. I'm half a world away and your happiness is palpable. You are a very, very bright light! Grateful for your infectious inspiration and spiritual wisdom...
    dave quiz

  3. My god, I have followed your posts since you left the Med many years ago on a wonderful adventure and enjoyed your journey and insight, however you have taken leave of your senses thinking that video post of you prancing around on the beach is in any way other than self indulgent, self obsessed garbage. Sorry but on this post you need to be told you have lost the plot.

    1. Haters gonna hate. You rock Taru!

  4. Awesome writing :-) Love the vid too and the message of yours xx

    Hannie Arden from missingwanderer.org.

  5. my dear taru , i like you, i like the video, i like the music. who is the musician? thx

    1. Blundetto - Warm My Soul




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