Sunday, June 26, 2016

Five months in and my garden is thriving... blooming in every corner. Tomatoes, green beans and chili are ready for harvest. As is arugula, radish, basil, mint, lemon balm, dill and parsley. The fig tree is bursting with fruit. The orange tree is developing new ones as we speak. For so many years I was dreaming of having my own garden where I could invite friends and strangers for a good meal next to an old olive tree, underneath the Mediterranean sun. Does it mean I am in a dream dreaming now? So grateful that I've stuck to my beliefs. In all the many areas of life.

I had this lovely older Italian couple, guests, over for breakfast many mornings, and I almost had to pinch myself. Is this for real now? Are there actual human beings visiting the garden that I've spent so many hours making fruitful and cozy, eating the food that I have carefully prepared for them with not only good natural ingredients and love, but that which is the result of years of visualization and contemplation. All those nights at sea below a star filled sky when I pondered upon my purpose on earth. Where I solidified my truest intentions. I knew it would happen one day. Was just not sure when, where and how. I am humbled by what I can create and share, and for what we can do for each other. The little things with big meaning.

Four weeks left of my Holistic Health coaching school. As I sit down to read through the health diaries by the many test subjects that I invited for my final work assignment, another wave of humbleness and gratitude flushes over me. We all have our struggles. We're all just human. Transient beings with a human body experience perhaps. But we're all made of the same things, we all have similar desires. We're all particles of the same infinite energy. Which is why we all could be teachers of one another. Once we open our hearts and realize we're not alone in any of this.

So grateful for having found this path. Many years it took for me to understand my mission. And while I am still in the early stages of both gardening and health coaching, I see there is a higher purpose and profound meaningfulness in both. To give and receive. To nurture, aid and guide, while simultaneously receiving food and inspiration for my own life and soul. Things are the way they should be. It should be no other way. 


You're always welcome to visit my peaceful sanctuary. Either by renting a home for your next vacation, or why not join us on the marvelous week of yoga, food, sailing and meaningful conversation on our retreat in the end of next month. Click here for more info. Would love to see you here ❤️


  1. My wife and I met while living on the south coast of Turkey, but left to live in the north of France for 5 years to assist her aging parents who lived in a small farm there. We then went to a cattle ranch owned by a family member in Texas but we were not at all happy being in America. Once we made the decision to return to Turkey everything has worked like magic. We built a small village style house in a small village next to the ancient ruins of Kaunos overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. A small harbor is only minutes from our house where we had planted olive, orange, lemon, pomegranate and plum trees on our land years ago. Now we have a new old style house with two kitchens (one inside and the other outdoors )and a mature garden in an idylic paradise much like you've created for yourself. I am often awestruck at just how I managed to be so fortunate. ( The food you prepare looks absolutely mouth-watering )

    1. Sounds like a dream. Funny how things begin to move so smoothly when you take the direction you're supposed to do. And how much struggle there can be on the road that is meant to be abandoned. It's all a good lesson in the end.

  2. Beautiful photos and words. How wonderful to hear that your visualizations came into fruition! Such a lovely dream. To grow food and share it with people, in a gorgeous place. It surely is the simple things which can bring such immense joy! Joelyne xoxo

  3. Those figs are so gorgeous! Do you have any issues with the birds stealing a few bites? I too would love to have an olive tree, it would be so lovely!

  4. Not sure how I got here (the interweb is a mysterious place) but I think I clicked on a photo of a stunningly gorgeous woman. I am happy for you that you are on a new adventure and charting your own course. I like your writing style and your colorful, beautifully composed photos and montages. You have inspired me to be more true to myself on my own journey. Peace.

  5. Amazing photos. Makes me wanna pack a bag and just go

  6. I am still waiting for good new Pictures from you. Please give us an update ;-)


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